Our Concept – Bangkok Beyond

Bangkok Beyond LogoOur mission is to make you love Thailand and to make you want to come back again and again.

Through our intimate knowledge of the country, the culture and the people we will show you aspects that you probably won’t see traveling on your own or through travel companies based in other countries. At the same time half of the management staff in Bangkok Beyond are Norwegians so we also know about what western tourists expect, and what they like and dislike.

Our aim is to give the best quality in everything that we sell and do.

We have tested most of the hotels personally and have picked the best that we could find.
Bangkok Beyond’s services are for everyone who wants more than lying around on the beach and socializing with people from their own country. We think Thailand is a unique country and absolutely worth to really experience.

We also think it is important that our business gives something back to the local communities and to Thailand.

Tourism is not all good (pollution, over developing, culture changing etc.). Therefore we will strive to leave as much money in the country as possible by using local partners. In addition we will donate 2 % of our gross profits on carefully selected non profit projects that we support in Thailand.