Eating Street Food in Thailand

But then I hear you ask, “isn’t it dangerous?” – It’s a perfectly valid question, and I’m sure that you’ve all heard of nightmare stories of people getting sick after eating something not quite right while traveling in a foreign land, but really there’s no need to worry.

Street food restaurantThe street food in Bangkok is only dangerous if you’re not careful. And it’s easy to be careful. To avoid getting sick in Bangkok, there’s two golden rules that you simply have to follow, and then I promise you, you will not only be just fine, but you’ll also get to eat some of the most delicious tasting food that you have ever experienced.

Rule number 1:
Only eat where you see lots of people eat. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If there are 10, 15, even 20 people all crowded around a food stall, and they’re not getting sick, then the chances are damn good that you’re not going to get sick either! And not only that, but if there are dozens of people there all queuing up to eat, then the food there must be tasty as hell too! I can tell you right away that this is the truth because if there is one thing that Thai people love more than anything else (except sleeping of course!), it’s good food.

Rule number 2:
If you are doubtful, only eat something when you’ve seen it being cooked. One of the biggest causes of food poisoning is due to food being left out in the open for hours and hours after its been cooked. This is when it is exposed to flies, bacteria and all other kinds of nasty things we’d rather not think about. So, to be safe, choose a vendor who only uses fresh ingredients and who only cooks his food to order. You can even watch him cooking it, and you can tell them to cook it longer if you think something has not been cooked enough. 99% of vendors will be only to happy to oblige you, such is the popularity of “farang” in the country.

Follow these two golden rules, and you’ll be fine.

What about ice?

The other concern that many people have is with ice. But even ice can be safe, so long as you know where it’s came from. Just take a good look at the ice you have been given. Is it ice cubes? If it is, then chances are that it was made in an ice factory, and these are usually safe. They use clean, treated water, exactly the same stuff that you find in a bottle of water that you buy in 7/11 or some other trustworthy shop. Of course, if you aren’t sure, the prevalence of 7/11 stores is so wide in Bangkok that you could just grab yourself a drink from there to eat with your meal, if you want to be totally safe.

Thai Food – The most Delicious Cuisine in the World

Pad thaiSo now that we know we’re safe, what’s in store for us when we’re ready to eat? The answer is, some of the most delicious cuisine in the world, that’s what! Thai food is just fantastic, and the range of it goes far and wide. I can guarantee you that you’ll easily find something you will enjoy. And it’s not all spicy food either, so there’s no need to panic about that. One of the most famous Thai dishes in the world, Pad Thai, the tasty noodle dish that is hugely popular with tourists and a favorite of Thai restaurants across the world, has no spice in it at all. Pad Thai can be found nearly anywhere in Bangkok, it takes just seconds to cook and once served on a small polystyrene tray can be taken and eaten anywhere!

Another great dish that you’ll see on your travels is one of the locals biggest favorites, Tom Yam Goong. This famous soup can be eaten alone or with a steaming plate of rice, and is a grand combination of sweet, sour, spicy and tangy flavors that is totally unique. Try it once and forever afterwards you’ll be drooling with desire each time you see it!

Som TamFinally, one more dish that deserves a mention has to be the super spicy Papaya Salad, also known as Som Tam. This is one of the spiciest dishes that you’ll come across in Bangkok, indeed, in all of Thailand, yet don’t let that put you off trying it. Som Tam is crispy tasting, and a delicate blend of perfection, balancing sweet, spicy and salty tastes in perfect tandem, resulting in an explosion of flavor that will tantalize the taste buds of all but the fussiest of eaters.

Perhaps, one of the best things about street food in Thailand that I haven’t mentioned yet is the low cost. Street food is so incredibly cheap! There is almost no dish that you can’t find for less than a dollar. For the price of a can of coke back in Europe or North America you’ll be able to get a mouth-watering dish of the world’s finest cuisine, soup, drinks and still have spare change!

So what are you waiting for? Follow your adventurous side and let your nose lead you to some of the finest food you’ll ever have the pleasure of enjoying.