Bangkok Tourism and Must Know Thai Etiquette

Bangkok tourism is thriving because of the Thailand’s authentic culture alongside the metropolitan façade. It has a collection of Thai temples, palaces, night life and shopping destinations!

Bangkok Tourism and Must Know Thai Etiquette

Thai Wai

People from all over the world can’t help it but be attracted to the vibrant lifestyle of the city. First time travelers on a Bangkok trip should be well prepared to deal with Thai culture.

Here are some handy tips for proper behavior during your Bangkok travel experience:

  • Thais expect others, even foreigners, to be polite and not aggressive. Never shout or raise your voice because they interpret it as a weakness of character.
  • Thais are proud of their nation and culture. The biggest representatives of their pride are the Royal family, and especially the king, who is revered with an almost God-like status. Be careful when referring to the Royal family, as they should only be talked about in a positive light. Do not express any form of disrespect towards them – doing so could land you in a lot of trouble.
  •  Bangkok tourism welcomes people from all over the world but Thais expect visitors to treat them with respect. If you are a customer, it is best to express your complaints in a calm manner rather than lose your temper. Thais take it as a form of disrespect if you become flustered and lose face in front of them.
  • Thais usually do not wear shoes inside their homes or temples so take off your shoes if you visit one. As a visitor, do not point your feet or raise your feet towards anyone. Feet are viewed as “dirty” by Thais. Also, do not touch the face of Thais unless they are your close friend. The head is considered sacred by Thais.
  • If you are going on a Bangkok trip with your boy friend or girl friend, avoid showing public displays of affection since Thais are generally conservative. Even holding hands is taboo among the elderly (although you may see some more ‘westernized’ young Thai couples doing so).
  • Bangkok tourism boasts of smiling Thais everywhere, and you may gain all kinds of rewards when you smile back to Thais that you meet, so make sure you do!

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