Beaches in Rayong

There are several beaches in Rayong Province where tourists can stay and have a great time. The beaches here are usually unoccupied because visitors tend to go to Koh Samet and nearby islands instead.

Guests in Thailand should know that Rayong has some unexplored beaches that are amazing and give the relaxation that you need away from the busy streets of Bangkok.

Beaches in Rayong

Beaches in Rayong (by Vacharee Sukanant)

Hat Laem Charoen and Hat Chang San

These two beaches in Rayong are admirable connected beaches. They are one long beach in essence and can lure tourists because of the clear and calm waters that are good for swimming. These beaches are popular with the locals due to the delicious dining experience that the seaside restaurants there offer.

Come to these beaches and have the seaside vacation that you dreamed of. You can get here by riding a tuk-tuk which cost 20 Baht or songtaew which cost only 10 Baht from the city.

Ao Kai-Laem Tan

This beach in Rayong is a serene and quiet cape beyond the Laem Mae Phim and Klaeng District. There are some famous seafood restaurants here too. The beach offers great relaxation with a nice breeze and calm tides.

There is a small village of fishermen here. Jellyfish pickle is a main dish both for locals and visitors. Tourists can travel here to Ko Man Klang by riding a speed boat.

The Diamond Beach or Hat Sai Kaew

This beach is over one kilometer long. It is a very nice beach which is becoming more known to tourists every year. It is a very active beach during the day because of various water activities promoted in the area.

You can go diving, snorkeling, water skiing, riding Jet Ski and swimming. The place is busy during the night as well. Both locals and tourists enjoy the bars and restaurants. They sing in the karaoke bars and drink beer or wine.

Rayong Beach, Thailand

(by Sunshine Opalla)

Hat Mae Ramphueng

This is a twelve kilometer long beach that ends in a fishing village. The lively fishing village can offer entertainment in the morning. It is a well-known beach in Rayong.

You can swim near the shore but swimming farther is not advisable because of stronger currents. You can reach this beach by taxi, tuk-tuk and songtaew.

Laem Mhae Phim

This is a beach that is known for the calm and clear waters best for swimming. There are several food stalls around the area that sells delicious Thai dishes, barbeque and seafood. The place can be reached from Sukhumvit Road by taking a right turn at the Kilometer 263 or 268. It can also be reached by Wang Kaew beach road.

Suan Son Park in Rayong

This park in Rayong sports white sandy beaches that attract many tourists for the whole year round. It has an extensive coastline, great view of the sunset and shady areas that makes it good for family picnics. There are food stalls and restaurants that offer great Thai dishes and fresh seafood. You can get here by riding a taxi or a songtaew.

Going there? You can rent a car and driver to take you there.

So why go to the islands when you have all these beaches in just a few hours drive from Bangkok that are not packed with other tourists?

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