Best Activities for Kids in Pattaya

Pattaya is a family-friendly place. There are many  activities for kids in Pattaya that your family wouldn’t get anywhere else in the world. Come to Pattaya and let your kids enjoy.

Koh Larn makes for a great day trip for the whole family

Koh Larn – the coral Island (by Mary Ann Alberca)

1. Koh Larn – Coral Island.  About 7km off the coast Koh Larn makes for a great day trip for the whole family.

Sporting 6 beaches there is a multitude of activities to keep you busy all day like para sailing, snorkeling, banana boat and swimming to name a few.

2. Pattaya Water Park and Amusement Park. This park is known for many fun water slides with all colors and heights.

There is a roller coaster for everyone too and an amusing 55 storey tower where both adults and kids can jump off. Get the most of your time in the Water Park to soothe your mind.

3. Go-Kart in Pattaya. Adults and kids can ride go-karts for amusement and race. This place definitely attracts tourists with families and kids. The Go-Karts are safe to use even for kids.

4. Visit the Pattaya Bottle Museum in Sukhumvit Road. There are many ships inside bottles and other strange items. You can tour the museum and be amazed by the art displays.

The bottled items will lure you inside the museum for hours. You can attend the museum show as well.

5. Come to the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum in Pattaya. This museum contains numerous creepy items. There are out-of-this-world objects where you can only see here.

Tour the haunted house and watch movies at the 4D theatre. This place is located near Pattaya Beach.

Santuary of Truth, Pattaya

Santuary of Truth in Pattaya (by Atthaporn Pisuth)

6. The Sanctuary of Truth. This is a temple and monument built by hand-carved woods. It is influenced by Chinese, Khmer, Thai and Hindu culture and art.

The place is wonderful for viewing and taking photographs because the temple is like no other. There are elephant and dolphin shows too. The place can make your kids imagination run wild.

7. Go Fishing. Pattaya has some wonderful fishing spots where your kids can have fun fishing. Teach them to fish and have a great family time together. Find different colorful species of fish.

8. Dining Out. Your kids can eat  exquisite dishes around Pattaya. Dine out and find Thai food at its best. Order seafood or Thai food. There are Western restaurants too.

9. Go Diving and Snorkeling. If you want a family experience in the deep sea, there are diving and snorkeling instructors in Pattaya.

The instructors can be paid to accommodate and teach your family members to dive and snorkel. Have a fun family time under the sea.

10. Go shopping in Pattaya with your kids. There are many shopping stores and stalls around Pattaya. Buy souvenirs like clothes, shoes and other items before going home.

These are just some of the many activities in and around Pattaya that your kids  will really enjoy. Have fun 🙂

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