Best time to visit Thailand

It’s the end of November and this year’s tourist season is already well underway. For us Europeans and other inhabitants of the northern hemisphere it’s perfect to escape the cold winter for Thailand’s never ending summer.

According to the majority of people the best time to visit Thailand is from now until the end of February because it’s the coldest time of the year with temperatures sometimes dipping below 20 degrees celsius.

Best time to visit Thailand

(photo by Ruth Nathalie George)

In fact Thailand has distinct seasons, but they’re different from what we’re used to. In central and northern Thailand there are three seasons:

  • Hot season, from the end of February until well into May
  • Rainy season, from end of May until end of October
  • Cool season, from end of October to February

In southern Thailand there are only two seasons, hot and rainy. The times of these seasons varies from the east to the west coast. The west coast have the most rain from April to October while on the east coast the rainy season lasts from September to December.

When is the best time to visit Thailand?

Temperatures in Thailand can get very hot. Temperatures over 40 degrees celsius aren’t at all uncommon. That’s why most people prefer to go during the cool season, – or dry season in the south, from December until February, thus creating a tourist season.

Not me though, I love the heat. I rejoice when the sweat is running and I have to jump into the pool to cool off. I think there’s no better time to visit Thailand than in April, with easter holiday back home so we can stay longer, Songkran (Thai new year) and school holiday in Thailand.

After April my favorite time to go is in the low season. At this time it’s less crowded and prices of hotel rooms drops quite dramatically.

Normally the rainy season is no problem, at least in northern and central Thailand, with only short bursts of rain in the morning and in the afternoon. That’s only refreshing. You can have bad luck however and experience continous rain for weeks. In the south you have to be more careful, especially if you’re going to the islands. There can be rough seas and the occasional heavy storm.

So in conclusion:
When is the best time to go to Thailand?

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