Colorful Island at Koh Khai, Phuket

Since tourism started to flourish in Thailand, one destination which has attracted people from all over the world is Phuket. This beautiful coastal resort town has become a must visit attraction in Thailand.

Koh Khai, Phuket

As a result, this once quaint town has acquired a distinctly touristic flavor, but the beauty of Thailand still shines through in a number of hidden gems and hideaways around Phuket. The Koh Khai Island is one such well kept secret of Phuket.

The small coral island of Koh Khai is located on the indigo waters of the Phang Nga Bay and has recently begun to attract tourists. Half day tours are run to this little island paradise and you can enjoy a perfect day at the beach away from the crowds.

Trips are offered by speedboats or the more traditional wooden rice barge, though you will also see some very expensive yachts and cruisers in the marina. A short ride of thirty minutes gets you to breathtaking corals and a beautiful strip of land located amidst the azure sea.

You will love the brightly colored tropical fish that crowd around the vessels as breadcrumbs are thrown. Once you reach the island, just relax on the beach on one of the deckchairs for rent, or indulge in snorkeling or diving in the clear blue water. Swimming with exotic fishes is a memory you will not soon forget and that is definitely worth a few snapshots.

In fact, Koh Khai provides numerous photo opportunities in a setting that is both spectacular yet restful. You will even find people taking pictures of people taking pictures!

There is no shortage of food and drink on the shore and you can enjoy traditional cuisine as you relax. Take the stroll through the middle of the island for some bargain hunting.

You will love the colorful clothes and the souvenirs from this bazaar-like area of the island before venturing out into the coral reefs once again as you end the tour and head back to your resort on Phuket.

Note: This amazing picture was no. 8 winner of our WOWtastic Thailand photo contest. The picture is taken by Nithiroj Chaikijwattana.

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