Flood Update for Bangkok

The government says that the risk of flooding in central Bangkok is now minimal. They have put to use many new water pumps recently that help relieve the situation.

Flooding in Bangkok

Flooding in Bangkok

Saving the center of the city has however badly affected other parts of the city and the surrounding area. Some places have been under 1-2 meters of water for over a month making many unfortunate people loose everything.

In northern and western Bangkok the flooding is still severe. In eastern parts of the city the water has receded a bit but most areas are still under water.

The roads going North from Bangkok, to destinations like Chaing Mai, Ayutthaya or Sukhothai, have partially reopened. Traffic can only move slowly through shallow flood.

Roads going east to destinations like Pattaya are still fine and will be due to the elevated tollway from Bangkok to Bang Pakong

Bangkok Flood

Bangkok Flood

Of the roads going South there is one remaining dry highway.  Alternative routes are being urgently prepared but have not been finished yet. There is still a risk of flooding in this area so people heading South should check more before they set out.

Suvarnabhumi International Airport is very well protected and will not get flooded.  

The flooded areas of Bangkok and the affected provinces is still in desperate condition for the people who have chosen to remain or have nowhere to go. Floodwater is very polluted and several diseases and illness have been reported from people who are in the area and especially those having to wade through the water. Many areas are seeing reduction in flood height but not significant enough to claim that the water have gone. Most likely best scenario is that the areas will remain flooded for many more days.

All in all it looks like the worst is over. There are still huge amounts of water that needs to pass the city so occasional flooding might still occur.

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