Fruits of Thailand

Thailand is home to a large variety of delightful fruits. There is no question why it is called “The Kingdom of a Hundred Fruits”. While many tourists go to Thailand for leisure, sightseeing, business or escapade, there are those who take pleasure on discovering the countries’ food, special delicacies and even fruits which are not easily found in their locality. Fortunately, visitors will always be satisfied. With the abundance of fruit variety, eating in Thailand is exciting and fulfilling.

Fruits of ThailandThese are just a few of the nutritious and appetizing fruits of Thailand. The seasonal fruits are durian, mangosteen, rambutan, longan and lychee. Papaya, guava, banana, coconut, pineapple, orange and rose apple are available all-year-round. All of these fruits are nutritious and delicious. The economy of Thailand is thriving as huge variety of local produce is increased each year. Besides, the distinguished culinary art and skill of the Thai people ensure the fruit-flavored mouth-watering delicacies that locals and visitors of the country enjoy.

Here are few of the seasonal fruits of Thailand that you can enjoy chomping:

  • Mangosteen- Called Mang-kut by the locals, mangosteen is an odd-looking dark purple, round fruit with green petals. Cutting around the shell delicately, you will savor the delicious white flesh that can be eaten by sections.
  • Rambutan- It is called Ngor by locals because of its hairy appearance, coming from the Malay rambut which means hair. You have to peel the spiky red and yellow shell before you can taste the sweet-sour soft white flesh inside.
  • Durian- Famous as the “King of Fruits”, durian has a smelly reputation but a fine distinguished taste. Known to be a good aphrodisiac, durian is loved by many while its smell drives away some. It looks like a jackfruit and has soft sweet delicious pulp.
  • Linchie- Also called lychee or linjee, this fruit is very attractive because of its bright red, rough rind which can be easily removed. The edible layers of translucent white flesh is sweet with a texture of grape. You will find a brown nut in the center but this must not be eaten.

There are more fruits of Thailand that you can relish as you define the country a good place to be in good health.

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