Jok – Rice Soup

Joke - Rice Soup

Joke (Thai Rice Soup)

Often eaten for breakfast, though people enjoy this dish any time of day or night, rice soup or “Jok” is a staple food amongst Thais.

Although sometimes it may be cooked plain, or else with shrimp, chicken or liver, by far the most common variety includes tender pieces of pork, with an egg thrown in for good measure.

While you may think that boiled rice soup sounds about as appetizing as uncooked rice, this steaming bowl is actually very tasty and nutritious indeed. Warm, savory and very filling, Jok is guaranteed to fill a hole.

Spicy? No

Where to Buy: Vendors

Price: 25-30 Baht

Top Tip: Add a spoonful of sugar for a sweet tasting, almost porridge-like dish, a great way to start the day!

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