Khanom Jeen – Thai Spaghetti

Khanom Jeen looks, tastes and feels just like Western spaghetti

Khanom Jeen Nam Ya

Although this is really a noodle dish, in every respect “Khanom Jeen” looks, tastes and feels just like Western spaghetti, hence its English name.

Made from rice, boiled and mixed with a curry or creamy coconut sauce, the beauty of this dish is that there many different ways you can have it.

Thai spaghetti is usually offered with a selection of different curry sauces to choose from, with ingredients ranging from fish, to chicken and various other meats. Choose your curry, throw on some nuts, sugar, fish sauce or whatever you fancy and enjoy!

Kanom Jeen is a favorite among Thais partly because with the order, whether it is on the street or in a local restaurant, you can pick and choose which and how many vegetables you want.

Spicy? Yes a bit

Where to Buy: Street vendors, restaurants

Price: 30 Baht

Eat With: Curry sauce and vegetables (sliced cabbage, bean sprouts, cucumber, sweet basil, fried chili and boiled egg)

Top Tip: If you can’t handle the spicy taste, try the orange coconut sauce for a much milder flavor

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