Strange Cafes Around Bangkok

Makura Cat Cafe

Photo by Makura Cat Cafe

Some of these strange cafes I keep hearing about, definitely the two in my neck of the woods. One of them is called Makura Cat Cafe, at Srinakarindra, Soi 51. Seating is pillows on the floor, fare is light pasta dishes, cakes, coffees and teas, and an army of furry cuteness wandering around doing cat stuff. Very pettable and I’ve heard good things. There are actually quite a few cat cafes in Bangkok now, so wherever you’re staying we can probably help you find one near you.

The other one is called Lucky Bunny Cafe and Restaurant at Lat Phrao 101, Yaek 28. Looks adorable with lots of rabbits running around in a separate room you can wander around in. They also sell healthy young bunnies and are planning to expand their offerings to include a rabbit spa, rabbit hotel, a rabbit clinic and more customer/rabbit play space. Pasta dishes and your usual cafe fixtures, and an entry fee that can be exchanged for some of that (so basically there is no entry fee if you feel like a snack or drink), make it seem like I can’t really go wrong. Right?

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