Thailand Floods Update

The latest news from the flooding in Thailand is that nationwide 101 people have died and about 5 million are affected, mostly in eastern and central Thailand. Authorities say 22 of Thailand’s 76 provinces are still flooded, while the waters have receeded in 16 others.

Through exceptional work by private organizations and less exceptional work by the government, most areas are now receiving aid. The government has also promised financial aid to those affected by the flood. Each family affected have been promised 5.000 Baht in initial help by Friday. I really hope they plan to do more than that.

The floods in Thailand started about October 10th and it looks like the worst of the flooding is over. It looks like Bangkok and many of the areas that are traditionally affected by floods escaped the worst of it. The areas where most of the people have died are areas that aren’t used to flooding, like Lopburi, Nakhon Sawan and Nakhon Ratchasima.

Thai kids aren’t usually tought how to swim and as a result many adults’ attitude is to just stay clear of the water. Sometimes you don’t have a choice though. I hope that they will wise up and offer swimming lessons in school.

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