Thailand floods, worst in 50 years?

The flooding in Thailand¬† has been a lot on my mind lately. This happens every year. But this year is different. Some people say it’s the worst flood in 50 years, some say 70 years. Whatever the case, it’s pretty bad.

Worst flood in Thailand

Worst flood in Thailand
Photo courtesy of DVB

North-Eastern Thailand has beared the brunt of the flood until now. The flooding started about two weeks ago and in some places the worst is over. But there are still remote areas that are impossible to get to. Aid is coming, albeit slowly.

Now the water is moving down river. Places such as Ayutthaya and Lopburi are battling the floods now. In Bangkok they have made preparations. The water levels are rising but the worst of it is yet to come.

We have added this picture series for you from Bangkok Noi provided by Post Today illustrating the situation.

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