Thailand’s Top 5 Cutest Baby Animals

I’ve been on a bit of an obsessive quest lately, learning as much as I can about the plants and animals of Thailand. Over the course of this sort of research, much of which is pictorial, it is only natural that I should come across at least a few really cute baby animals. I have, and I now offer to you a list of 5 of the cutest.

spectacled_langurSpectacled Langur – The fur color of the adults can range from a light brown to black, but the babies are sometimes covered in this hilarious orange fuzz. Probably my favorite of all the outfits worn by Thai mammals. Khao Yai National park is home to some of these guys.

tapir_calfMalayan Tapir – These are some really strange looking animals as adults. With the smallest adults as big as a large human, they are a strange prehistoric looking undulates. The gestation period for a baby tapir is as around 1 year, and they give birth to single offspring. This slow rate of reproduction probably contributes to their endangered status, but the babies it produces are beyond adorable. You can see these at Kaeng Krachan National Park near Hua Hin, they do a lot of napping and standing around in water during the day so you’ve got a great chance of seeing some.

binturong_cubBinturong – Binturongs are cool looking things regardless of the age. The average adult has a body of 70-80 cm long, and its prehensile tail is nearly the same length (60-70 avg.). The females are 20% larger than the males, and they give birth to some absolutely adorable babies. Khao Yai has a population, but you’ll have to look hard to catch ’em – they’re sneaky.

clouded_leopardClouded Leopard – This is a really interesting species, and thought to be an important evolutionary link between the big cats and the small cats. It is the smallest of the big cats, though still much larger than your average small cat with females at around 60-80 cm long and males at around 80-100. I’ve compiled some info on a variety of cats native to Thailand, and there is a Leopard Cat that is very, very interesting. I’ll do a whole blog on the different kinds of cats, and how some of them have even become the foundational stock used in some domestic cat breeds. But for now, cute clouded leopard cubs from Khao Sok National Park

Elephant!! – So this might seem like a bit of a cop out – Thailand, elephants, how could he have ever found a link? But I went through a lot of stuff, monkeys, and jackals, and dholes, and weird squirrel like things, and nothing can compare to the cuteness of baby chang, who is as adorable in person as a photograph.

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