The Passing Of The Buddha Into Nirvana

The Buddha once told his monks that the state of Nirvana cannot be imagined therefore there is no point in wondering what it is really like. Nirvana can only be experienced as a result of enlightenment.
The Passing Of The Buddha Into Nirvana

Nirvana is indicated as an ultimate state which frees man from suffering. It means “blowing out” in Buddhist perspective representing the blowing out of the consuming fires of hatred, greed and delusion.

Referred as “Enlightenment” and the ultimate goal of every Buddhist, it is believed to be the only means to break the infinite cycle of reincarnation.

According to the Buddha, fire is perceived to burn while it has fuel but it immediately stops burning as it is “released” from the fuel. That fire was thought to be transformed but never annihilated.

Furthermore, Nirvana connotes “to extinguish” like extinguishing the flame of a candle. As the flame or “fire” was transformed, the person enlightened experiences peace, calm and serenity.

This state of peace or bliss can be experienced while living or it can be passed into at death. It is also defined as a state of oneness with the Absolute Being.

Buddha lived a contemplative life passing directly into Nirvana.  He guided his monks to live with ethical and humanitarian values which had inspired and moved the lives of millions in Asia as they anticipated personal enlightenment with a buoyant spiritual practice.

The Holy Dalai Lama told about Nirvana as the achievement of a “state beyond sorrows” and the “state of freedom from cyclic existence”.

Theravada Buddhism spoke of “Nibbana” as the “unbinding” of man’s mind from destruction caused by the Three Poisons of sensuality, views and ignorance.

It liberates man from the unending cycle of death and rebirth as the consequence of karma. The Mahayana Buddhism sees Nirvana as turning away from dualities to merge with Samsara to have absolute existence.

Buddha’s experience of Nirvana is like ending his ignorance while perpetuating his will into completing the incarnation of his mind into a biological form that lives on forever.

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