Things you can do in Nakhon Patom

Nakhon Patom is right along the western edge of Bangkok, most destinations an hour or less from the city center if the traffic doesn’t have different plans. And this month parts of it will fill up as Thai Buddhists and tourists both come to see the ceremonies to be held at the Buddhamonthan. Buddhamonthan is a 16 meter statue of the Buddha set in a large grounds used for religious ceremonies, like the one we’re about to celebrate. It was built in 1957 C.E. to commemorate 2500 years of Buddhist teaching and is one of the best places to see Thai Buddhism en masse.

Sanam Chan Palace, Nakhon PatomPra Patom Chedi and Sanam Chan Palace are two more important religious and cultural landmarks in Thailand. Pra Pathom is the largest pagoda in Thailand. Sanam Chan was one of the favorite residences of King Rama The VI, and has houses many royal artifacts and visitors can walk through and tour much of the royal residences there.

And of course no trip to Nakhon Patom would be complete without a stop by the Samphran Elephant Grounds, where you can see Thailand’s best friend Chang performing daily tasks, dancing, and even playing a bit of football. Ride an elephant through the jungle, watch unhinged handlers stick their heads in crocodile mouths, enjoy a few other animals and mock battle scene with elephants of war. A great time at a great price, and just an hour out of the city!

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