Thai Noodles – Taste the Difference

Hi there! Let’s talk again about food. Here is a list of Thai noodle dishes that will always tell you, I miss you Thailand!

Thai Noodle - Bami NamPad Thai

Dry and light bodied, having a fresh, intricate, well balanced taste. It’s delicious!

Gui-tiaw Rua – Pork or Beef Noodles

It is made from rice noodles and taste quite sweet.

Bami Nam – Egg Noodle Soup

Made of egg wheat noodles, mixed with a thick and tasty broth of chicken stock.

Phad Siew – Fried Noodles with Soy Sauce

It’s mix of stir fried rice noodles. Spicy and sweet taste!

Raad Na- Fried Noodles in Thick Sauce

It is made from the best thick rice noodles. It taste exotically sweet!

Khanom Jeen – Thai Spaghetti

Mostly made from rice, boiled and mixed with a curry or creamy coconut sauce. Spicy taste!

There it is! What’s your favorite?

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