Thai Traditional Massage

Tradition. Some people cling to it, some people hate it. Some even patronize it while some want to get rid of it.

The Thai massage is primarily based on an acup...

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Does tradition really have to be kept? Or does new and innovative techniques and ways make many traditions redundant? Thai traditional massage is out of the question. Why? Because it has been proven to promote overall wellness for centuries. The benefits of Thai massage is said to affect the body and mind for the long term and your body can stay alive and kicking with the massage done as often as needed.

Thai traditional massage is distinguished as a massage of the whole body where you are dressed. Unlike massage which uses oil, powder or lotion in which you have to be half-naked, Thai massage can be performed just by doing stretches and applying pressure to certain parts of your body with the use of hands, fists, elbows and knees. I can see that you can imagine the process right now. The concept of body relaxation includes meditation while being massaged where the therapist and you can be in silence during the stretches and pressure application.

You  may watch this video about Thai Traditional Massage:

There are many benefits of Thai massage
With the calming effect of the silence coupled with rhythmic breaths you can hear from your chest, your body will feel each pressure applied as a gentle yet fierce reminder of staying human. After about half an hour of the step by step processes, you can experience the benefits of Thai massage surging into your veins as you feel more relaxed, calm and stress-free. With the wind touching your face, the zephyr caressing your stressed soul and the pressure turned into heavenly serenity, you will feel as if you want to sleep and dream away.

These benefits are surely enticing. With today’s hurry and rush, we all need a break from time to time. It is inspiring that Thai traditional massage has been passed from generation to generation – the reason why it still exists today.

There are a few reminders for you when you are having a Thai massage
Your stomach must not be full at the start of the therapy. You must eat at least one hour before the session. Having a full stomach can cause you some pain. You must tell your medical condition to your therapist. People with heart ailments, open wounds and rashes cannot take Thai massage. Pregnant women are also not allowed. Therapists also decline those people with infectious skin disease.

Do you want to know where the best place to get Thai traditional massage is?
You must come to Wat Po Thai Traditional Medicine and Massage School. It has been teaching and practicing Thai massage since 1955. You can find this school at Wat Phra Chetuphon where you can also find the temple of the Reclining Buddha (link Reclining Buddha blog post). You can visit the temple and pray as well after or before you have your massage. The benefits of Thai massage are surely positive.

Go and treat yourself!

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