What to shop for in Bangkok?

Bangkok and the whole of Thailand represent one great shopping opportunity. If you are prudent and can haggle well without being offensive you can pick up quite an array of souvenirs from your Thailand trip.

Best shopping in BangkokWhether it is clothes, accessories or tourist memorabilia, Bangkok has it all. There are a few market places which you can check out for especially attractive deals.

Where to shop in Bangkok?

Here are the major markets which you should not miss while bargain hunting in Bangkok:

  • Get great bargains in cloth, footwear and jewelry at the Banglamphu market. Goods are funky and have a strong local flavor rather than the aura of sophisticated brands.
  • The Chatuchak weekend market must be visited, even if you are not planning to do any shopping. Whether it is fabrics or silk or poultry and herbal medicine, you are sure to find a vast variety of goods and land some great bargains.
  • The beautiful flower market of the city is located at the Pak Khlong market. Even if you do not buy anything, have a look around this wholesale market for the best blooms that Thailand has to offer.
  • Other places which you can check out for good bargains are Pratunam market, Lang Krasuang market, Tawana market and Ramkamhaeng market to name a few.

Best shopping deals in BangkokThe best deals in Bangkok

With a little skill in haggling, you can find fabulous deals while shopping in Bangkok. However, be wary of deals which seems too good to be true because they usually are.

Some of the best shopping in Bangkok includes the following:

  • Clothes definitely top the list of good deals in Bangkok. You can get yards of cotton and silk fabrics at unbelievable rates in and around the city. They are colorful and often contain ethnic designs. Ready made garments are also very good deals in Bangkok. Fake designer T shirts are plentiful. The collection of cocktail dresses at highly reasonable prices is bound to amaze you. However, sizes tend to be small. If you need something larger, you can engage the services of a Bangkok tailor who will deliver your dress within a day if needed.
  • Leather belts, purses and bags are other great deals that you should look out for while shopping in Bangkok. The styles and varieties are virtually endless.
  • Pick out shoes to go with your new dress because they are one of the best bargain deals to be had while shopping in Bangkok. Make a point of visiting the Tesco Lotus shopping mall to check out the best footwear.
  • Jewelry, ranging from funky to the traditional abounds in the shops of Bangkok. Beaded necklaces and stylish earrings will be just the thing to complete your ensemble.
  • Finally, do not miss the aromatic massage oils which are among the best deals of Bangkok. The perfume is soothing and stays with you for a long time.

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