Cabarets in Thailand

Thailand is home to a colorful host of cabaret shows, in fact the image of the Thai cabaret show has become iconic in a way and instantly recognizable. And while it’s true that there are great cabaret shows all over the country, the four biggest are in Bangkok and Pattaya. 

Calypso Cabaret Show

(photo by

Bangkok‘s world famous Calypso Cabaret is one of the sparkliest, most enthusiast shows performed anywhere in the world, and the ambiance of the theatre itself is a decadent blast from the past, decked out with swinging post-war regalia. A highly interactive and  entertaining night out all around, and the ticket price includes a free drink!

Just about an hour away in the beautiful, balmy, beachy paradise of Pattaya you will find the trans-triumvirate of Chonburi – the Alcazar Cabaret, the Tiffany Cabaret, and the Thai Alangkan. Tiffany Cabaret, an elaborate and beautifully staged show, was awarded fourth place in TravelCom Magazine’s top 10 shows in the world and has been on the stage (it started on a smaller one) since 1974. The Thai Alangkan is an amazing show set in a large cultural exhibit/museum of sorts. There are things to do and see there for families of all ages, the food is good, and the show uses fireworks!

And of course there’s always Simon Cabaret way down in Phuket, but perhaps another time…

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