Siam Paradise Night Bazaar

Night markets are a unique feature of Thailand and no tourist should miss a visit to one of these colorful areas. Night markets mark a diversion in the nightlife of Bangkok. Great bargains can be obtained at this night markets – always supposing that you are ready to engage in some lively haggling. Even if you do not buy anything, a visit to one of the night markets in Bangkok is a must.

Siam Paradise Night BazaarOf the main night markets, the Siam Paradise Night Bazaar is one which has been promoted as the latest and the best in the colorful night life of Bengal.

The attractions of Siam Paradise Night Bazaar

Located opposite Sukhumvit, the Siam Paradise Night Bazaar definitely merits a visit from the curious traveler though it is yet to realize its full potential.

Here are some facts that you should know about Siam Paradise Night Bazaar:

  • This is a market place which is still not fully open. You can expect to see quite a few premises which are closed and which are yet to be filled. However, it is early days yet and the Siam Paradise Night Bazaar is sure to take off to a spectacular start.
  • Though it does not have the maximum number of shops that it can hold, you can still find lots of bargains here. Food is good while drinks are average. The best thing is that you will not find that aggressive in – your – face marketing that is so typical of the rest of Thailand.
  • The most commonly sold merchandise in the Siam Paradise Night Bazaar are clothes, souvenirs, shoes and handicrafts. However, they are somewhat too obviously tourist oriented. Be prepared to bargain heavily. However, raising your voice or becoming all aggressive is not going to help your cause.
  • You can walk to the Siam Paradise Night Bazaar or take a taxi. Plenty of parking spaces are available.
  • In addition to some good deals, you can find some nice eating joints – especially Korean food.

Siam Paradise Night Bazaar MarketThe Siam Paradise Night Bazaar is still a long way to go to reach its full potential as a bustling and happening Thai market place which must figure in the itinerary or every tourist. It is rather quiet at the moment and if you are looking for a busier market, there are other places which you can try.

However, night bazaars are special in their own way and a visit to the Siam Paradise Night Bazaar can only enrich your Thai experience.

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