Bungsamran Fishing Park

bungsamran-fishing-parkFishing isn’t usually associated with Bangkok, but for all the keen anglers out there, the good news is that the city actually has a great hidden gem called Bungsamran Fishing Park. Located in the suburban outskirts of Bangkok, Bungsamran is the biggest and arguably the most famous freshwater fishing park in the world.  Do a Google image search, and hundreds of pictures of proud anglers showing off the huge fish they’ve just caught in the lake will show up. Indeed, Bungsamran is famous for two of the world’s largest freshwater fish, Mekong giant catfish and Siamese giant carp and numerous world records have been broken here.  

Hiring a guide, especially on your first visit, is strongly recommended as it will seriously improve your chances of a catch. Due to the sheer size and fighting power of the fish, they are likely to run away with your rod unless local techniques are put to use to reel them in. The guide can also help you choose different baits for different types of fish, teach you how to bait the hook and even take the obligatory photo for you.

Catching humongous catfish and giant carp in the humidity and heat of Thailand can be hard work;  the average size of a catfish here is almost 20 kg, but they have been known to grow to over 100 kg! Fortunately, it’s possibly to hire a private bungalow with its own fishing platform. These can provide some much-needed shelter from the sun and you’ll probably need some rest after battling with a couple of big, strong fish that don’t want to be caught. All basic bungalows have a fan, but if you pay a little extra you can get satellite TV, a fridge and even air conditioning for a truly luxurious fishing experience. The bungalows can also be hired overnight, which is ideal for those who fancy a spot of night fishing.

Whether you’re a big fishing fan or not, a trip to Bungsamran Fishing Park is likely to be a very memorable experience. Catching big fish can be lots of fun, but be prepared to sweat and have very sore arms by the end of the day.

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