Pattaya Jet Ski Scam

This scam occurs in Pattaya at about 4pm when the owners of the jet skis will no longer find any more customers. The stage is now set. Jet skis which you rented for about 400 baht for a half hour ride, will end up costing a lot more by the end of this scam.

The owner of jet ski will claim that you dented and messed up their jet ski(s), and ask you to pay a fee for the damages, usually 5 to 10 thousand baht. They will claim that you and your friend collided and caused a scratch, dent or some other kind of damage. They will hassle you until you pay for the damages, they will push and shove you back onto the beach if you try to run away and even claim to be in the Thai mafia.

The jet ski scam occurs at several locations around Thailand, but most notably in Pattaya and Phuket.  Most operators are honest but beware, this scam has happened to a lot of unsuspecting tourists.

Below is a video from YouTube where this scam is exposed.

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